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Go ahead! Write that Blog!

So, you’re ready to write your very first blog post! Getting past the first one will pave the way for many original works of written copy in the future! If you follow a few easy steps, you’ll begin to master this blog thing in no time. Here’s a few tips:

· Readability – Whatever the topic, if you don’t write with clear and concise sentences, you may lose your audience in the first paragraph. Write in an active voice by keeping your writing in the present and avoid flowery and over-embellished opening phrases before sentences.

· Keywords – Be sure to include and evenly distribute keywords in your blog to boost SEO. This is important to connect the terms that you want to be searched for with the content on your website.

· Avoid poor grammar – Write in correct grammatical form and without typos and misspelled words. Remember, your writing reflects your brand and should be without annoying distractions that poor grammar can project. Use grammar-checking software if you feel your work needs editing.

· Follow SEO guidelines – Make yourself familiar with SEO guidelines that can boost your business’ online searchability. For example, keep sentences below 20 words, don’t exceed 150 words in a paragraph, write in an active voice, and use “H” tags correctly on your webpages.

· Write in a conversational style – As you write, remember to sound like you are sitting with your reader and talking over coffee. That way, your blog will relate more to the reader and sound more interesting. A simple rule to follow: read your piece out loud or use the “Read Aloud” feature on your document software.

That’s it! (Well, not really.) But this should be enough to get you started on becoming an awesome blog writer.

Maybe the most important thing to remember is to have fun with it!

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