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Create your tagline!

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This course will help you to craft a short and clever message—your tagline. By the end of this course, you will have created 7 original taglines for your business! The questions provided in this course are designed to isolate what’s important to your brand, what motivates your customers, and what works with your business goals. Some companies spend hours, days, weeks coming up with the right tagline. They might go through many iterations, consultations, team hours, and meetings before making a final decision. With that in mind, this course is a good starting point. It’s meant to get your juices flowing to help you think about your business. To help you look at how you want others to perceive your company and what it does. Remember, by the time you finish this course, you should have crafted at least 7 working taglines. Be sure to keep each tag line short, simple, easy to remember, unique, and timeless. Taglines should relate to your business as a whole. They should be relative to your products and services.

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